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Why is the Divorce Rate So High in Georgia?

According to the 2012 census, 9.8 percent of males and 12.6 percent of women reported their marital status as divorce.  Only 48.5 percent of Georgia residents were married and 21.2 percent married with children. But why are so many residents getting divorced. Georgia currently has the eighth highest divorce rate in the United States!!

Many studies have shown that the number one cause of divorce is irreconcilable differences. Other reasons include infidelity, miscommunication, drug/alcohol abuse, and marrying at a young age. Many couples are facing issues in financial issues due to the struggling economy.

How does divorce work?

There are five basic steps to beginning the divorce process. The first will be determining if you are eligible.  This would include meeting Georgia six month residency requirement.  Next, one of the appropriate 13 grounds for divorce must be determined.  Following this step, it will be important to determine the appropriate jurisdiction to file. Finally, you will complete legal paperwork and file with the court. The final step would include serving your spouse by hand delivery or mail.

Is There Hope?

Of course! It is important to remember that even if you are considering divorce…there is indeed hope! The court system can arrange visitation to ensure efficient co-parenting. This will allow effective communication and boundaries. It is important that each parent equally works with the other for the best interest of the children.  At the age of 14, a child may decide which parent is to have custody. Both parents are obligated to provide financial support to the children until age eighteen. Alimony may be available along with child support to provide stability following the dissolution of the marriage.

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