Kemay L. Jackson is a seasoned attorney serving clients in Georgia in Gwinnett County and the surrounding communities. She takes a personal approach to her legal work, focusing almost entirely on criminal and family law so that she can take the time to get to know her clients well. Whether you are facing criminal accusations or a pending divorce, you can trust Kemay L. Jackson and KL Jackson Law LLC to provide the legal guidance and advice you need from a compassionate Gwinnett County attorney.

Career and Education

Kemay L. Jackson is a native of the metro Orlando region. After receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida, she moved on to the law program, graduating in 2007 from the University of Florida with a law degree. This launched her legal career.

After graduation, Kemay L. Jackson moved to Georgia to become a member of the Georgia Bar. She opened her law firm, and started fighting for those who could not fight for themselves. Her goal is to help her clients understand their rights and their options to protect their rights, so they can confidently create solid plans for their futures.

Compassionate Gwinnett County Attorney with a Focus on Criminal and Family Law

Kemay L. Jackson is the lead attorney at KL Jackson Law LLC. She focuses her legal work on criminal and family law, work gin to provide compassionate service to each client who walks through her doors. She believes in taking an aggressive stand for her clients, and has a reputation for her zealous efforts in criminal defense. She also believes in helping her clients understand the long-term effects of their decisions, and her caring nature is an asset to her family law clients.

When working with new clients, Kemay L. Jackson understands how overwhelming the legal process and system can seem. She is careful to ensure she educates her clients as they navigate a world that is new to them and quite complex. Whether fighting felony accusations in a crowded courtroom or sitting down with a sad mother who is fighting for fair child support from her ex, Kemay L. Jackson has the same amount of compassion and zeal to ensure a positive outcome. If you have a family law or criminal law need, contact KL Jackson Law LLC to put Attorney Kemay L. Jackson, a compassionate attorney in Gwinnett County, to work for you!